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Friday, May 17, 2024

The Changing Dynamics of Collaboration in Today's Small Business Contracting

Collaboration in government contracting is changing dramatically. 
The government is becoming more open in its dealings, driven by a dramatic need for commercial technology from the commercial sector, dire efficiency issues and the weight of a massive debt load. 

Budget and funding pressures, competition for scarce resources, efficiency and similar concerns are creating an environment where open, accessible communication and teaming at several levels can yield excellent returns for progressive small enterprises and their partners.

These advances are being enhanced by communication and processes made instant with technology, remarkably enabled for creativity and teamwork, as well as the lower operating costs of a small enterprise.  The new collaboration includes reaching out to clients, industry partners and suppliers. It also requires employee involvement at all levels in the dynamics of the collaborative process. 

Although sound, professional and business contracting techniques will always be necessary, together with prudent management and risk analysis, the collaborative dynamic is on the move. 

Now is the time to take the initiative in designing collaborative efforts with federal agencies, marketing solutions that maximize contractor and government resources and the best possible efficiencies in service solutions. Go in early, go in hard, go with a team concept and be open and objective with your primes, your suppliers and your customer. Engage your employees at all levels in the effort.
Many are planning strategically, are you?

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