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Monday, November 20, 2023

Government Contract Statement Of Work and Technical Specifications Are Vital Documents

Part 1, Section C, is where the technical specifications and statement of work are located in your government contract. It is vitally important to manage these documents with your agency customers.

Without a well written Statement of Work (SOW) and associated supplies and services specifications there is unacceptable risk in your contract. 

Both the contractor and the government must come to an understanding regarding the scope of effort to be performed. That understanding is conveyed in the SOW and confirmed in the specifications referenced therein. A good SOW should have the following principal attributes:

* Clear identification of the products, services, skills, materials and performance factors required to complete the contract

* A description of the conditions under which the contractor will be required to perform and any related environmental or location factors

* Specific references to product specifications that govern an acceptable product or services performance outcome and delivery acceptance

* A schedule for the contract that identifies discrete delivery dates for products and specific start and end dates for supporting labor.

* A precise description of government furnished material or facilities required and when it will be made available to the contractor.

If your customer does not provide the above in the contract SOW offered in Part 1, Section C or your contract, offer a revision to the document during negotiations that represents a version to which your company will commit. Signing off on a poorly written SOW results in a difficult contract to manage and a high probability for disputes during the performance period.

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