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Friday, February 16, 2024

Small Business Federal Government Contracting and You

I appreciate the many individuals who have contacted me for advice through the Micro Mentor and SCORE Foundations, LinkedIn and other social media. It has been a pleasure to serve small business. 

Catch the latest in News for the Government Contracting Industry:

 Government Contracting News

Please feel free to download the free books pictured here, as well as other useful information at the BOX in the right margin of this site

You may also download the books free of charge from:

The small business contracting books contain live links in the Adobe text to updates for any given topic at the “Small To Feds” Blog.

The books have been written at the request of my volunteer clients to cover topics in the order small business generally encounters them in government contracting.

My best wishes for success to you in your small business enterprises.

Locate Ken for free counseling at:

 Micro Mentor Ken Larson     SCORE Ken Larson

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