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Friday, January 19, 2024

Appreciating SCORE & MicroMentor During National Mentoring Month – January 2024

During the January 2024 National Mentoring Month, my thanks to the SCORE and MicroMentor organization teams with whom I have worked for 16 Years.

Small business volunteering has kept me active in retirement, in touch with my profession and engaged in a continuous learning mode. The SCORE and MicroMentor platforms have been my “Windows On The World” in pursuing those objectives.

I believe we are growing entrepreneurs more than growing monumentally successful enterprises. Each, in turn, will grow a unique form of business using their efforts, not ours. We do not do it for them. They do it for themselves. 

Hopefully our suggestions help. I have been pleased again and again when a small business owner took my basic suggestions, put their own unique twists on them and developed a thriving business. That is the ultimate reward.

Thank you, SCORE and MicroMentor for supporting that type of success.

Ken Larson


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