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Friday, January 22, 2021

Always Nice To Be Appreciated - MicroMentor Award Is Humbling Experience


Receiving this honor is one thing, but having the annual award designated hereafter in my name is a humbling experience indeed. 

 It has been a pleasure for over a decade to support MircoMentor, a quality, worldwide non-profit organization serving small business that added 35,000 entrepreneurs and 12,000 mentors in 2020.



"This year as a part of Mentoring Month 2021, MicroMentor begins a new tradition of recognizing mentors who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to mentoring.

Our first award recipient, and its namesake, has been an active member of our community for 10 years. In the history of MicroMentor, no other mentor has spent as many hours helping hundreds of entrepreneurs from at least 65 countries. It is safe to say that no other mentor has had such a wide impact on entrepreneurs across the globe as this single mentor—Kenneth Larson.

Ken’s impact on our community has been tremendous. Not only does he have a great depth of business experience, but Ken is especially gifted in the process of mentoring itself. These facts, combined with the tremendous amount of time he’s dedicated to mentoring, are why we were compelled to honor and thank him for his dedication to entrepreneurs on our platform in this way. We are sincerely grateful to Ken's commitment to helping entrepreneurs from around the world.

You can read more about Ken's impact and hear from Ken himself below."

Award For Outstanding Service In Mentorship

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